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Prognosis for patients 
precisely like my patient.

Pymed is software for clinical decision support. Live at leading academic medical centers in New York City and California and in use by clinicians at Samaritan Health Services.


Pymed learns relevant context for patients being provided care. Pymed identifies patients that are multi-dimensionally similar to the patient being provided care and clinical events that are similar to the event that requires a response.

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The software delivers predictive insight derived from the carefully retrieved data.

  • Examine how similar scenarios are resolved

  • Risk-stratify populations

  • Build multi-parameter-derived outcomes from structured and unstructured data

  • See outcomes, under different interventions, for patients like your patient

  • Identify interventions that consistently lead to optimal outcomes for specific patient phenotypes

  • Identify cohort-specific risks


Current practice of matching along limited static dimensions to stratify a population or identify a cohort to determine courses of care creates two interrelated problems: 1. it is difficult to verify the internal similarity of the set of patients, which makes conclusions misleading and 2. the analysis includes so few variables that there is a likelihood that confounding variables may contribute to the outcome.

Pymed allows providers to pinpoint the interventions or patient characteristic that consistently lead to specific outcomes.