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Mitigate the financial and operational impact of no-shows without requiring a change in patient behavior


Providers can see more patients without adding hours to their day.

Sibyl is new technology that increases access to care by predicting true utilization and then building a better schedule in real-time. It’s a seamless add-on to your scheduling system.

185,000,000 times a year patients don’t show for a scheduled medical appointment, resulting in $150,000,000,000 in losses across the U.S. No-shows can impact half of all appointments at many sites. As a result of patient no-shows and ineffective scheduling, only about 70% of scheduled medical appointments result in a patient encounter. This means that 30% of the capacity to increase access to care and increase revenue is going to waste. Healthcare cannot afford inefficiency at this scale.

Sibyl identifies when each patient is most likely to show, and uses that knowledge to build an optimal schedule, appointment by appointment, that fills gaps before they happen. Sibyl makes the day more predictable. Sibyl is an engine that makes existing resources yield more care for more patients, increasing revenue without increasing fixed costs.


How Sibyl works

When a patient calls for an appointment, Sibyl’s sophisticated algorithms begin crunching the data. She looks at practitioner availability, utilization targets, similar types of care scheduled by similar patients, and the current clinic schedule — including most likely No-Shows.

In an instant, Sibyl solves a scheduling puzzle no human mind could hope to manage.

Sibyl provides the front desk scheduler with appointment time recommendations. The recommendations are automatically tailored to the patient’s needs, and they are optimized for the clinic’s available resources.

Each individual appointment decision is a component of a larger optimization calculation.

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Easy to use and install

Sibyl does not replace the scheduling system that your clinic uses every day. Instead, Sibyl is an add-on that works like a pop-up window in a web browser.

Treat your caregivers to a manageable day

When your days are unpredictable and end up with gaps or multiple patients in the same time slots, your clinic loses revenue, patients and staff.

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