Build the avant-garde. Bend the world towards progress.

Meaningful work is a luxury that we revel in, each day. The MACRO-EYES team takes on problems that bring the right kind of change to the world. MACRO-EYES has a rigorously horizontal culture that values diversity of every kind. Since day one, we have recruited the best talent in the world, regardless of location. The MACRO-EYES team is spread across the United States, Kenya, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and a growing set of new geographies.

MACRO-EYES is always hiring.


MACRO-EYES is a venture-backed technology company shifting supply and demand networks to respond precisely to what will come next, rather than what already occurred. MACRO-EYES received the first major investment in AI by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and our technology works for corporations and governments across 10 countries - enabling scarce resources to reach far more people in need and decarbonizing supply chains. Our core product STRIATA is software that creates the predictive supply chain, providing enhanced capabilities to forecast consumption, understand the capacity of infrastructure, and predict behavior, even in low data and high uncertainty environments. Redesign supply chain, Redesign the world.

We have a mandate to deliver social impact, nearly a decade of global presence, and an international team. The MACRO-EYES team has built and deployed AI-first products that run at national scale and on-device in the most challenging environments in the world. MACRO-EYES is backed by Lowercarbon, Collaborative Fund, Cross Border Impact Ventures, Decisive Point, the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation and works across the globe with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID. We have partnered with Stanford, UNICEF, the Governments of Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique and the US Department of Defense; we deployed our technology to assess the whole California health safety net in just six weeks.

We create more from less by making pervasive systems intelligent. We are working for a world where nothing is wasted and where each resource generates the greatest impact. You will build the future.

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